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How to Order Post-it Notes
and Sticky Note Pads and Cubes

It's easy. Just go to the page you would like to order from. 
We have lots of styles, sizes and prices.

For orders under 500 pads (not cubes), we require you to order right there on that page by clicking the size and quantity. For template orders, you do the same.

For all other orders, including cubes, just fill in the form at the bottom of the page. All pricing and info is at the top of the page. Send the form after filling it out and giving it a name or PO number at the top of the form.

The PO number or name is for you to use when sending art (logos, images or the actual image being printed). Send the art to our art department and use that PO number or name to reference the order. This way we can match the art and order. If we are typesetting for you and there is no art, logo or image. Just tell us on the form what you would like and if possible fax a dummy.

Later the same day, usually within a few hours, we will email or fax the proof/invoice to you for you to complete the order. We ask on the form if you prefer email or fax. Email is much faster. We send you to a secure server
that is set up just for your order and you'll see the image and the invoice. You will then proof the image and pay the bill. You may pay right then and there using a credit card or you may print out the form and mail or fax it in.

Please know this: We will not print anything until we receive your approval
after seeing the proof. By placing the order, it is not a done deal. We will only
print when you say to do so. This does not mean that you should place an order
on spec. By placing an order, you are committing to the order.

Our email address, art room address and fax info is on the form. You'll see it when ordering. For quotes, use our quote form.

We print PMS colors on Post-it Notes by 3M (500 pads or more for an additional charge).
Bic Sticky Notes are printed four color process and we cannot match PMS colors.

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