Promotional Calendars and printed calendars are the best form of advertising.
Advertising on calendars is the way to go.

Calendars have been used as a marketing and promotional tool for 170 years. In the 1850s,
The Ketterlinus Lithographic Mfg. Co. in Philadelphia, PA, started printing advertising on calendars.

Over the years as the technology improved, they become more popular with all sorts of businesss.

Newspapers, banks and grocery stores were the first to capitalize on the idea of calendars being
seen 365 days a year, so why not ads connected to the calendars being seen for 365 days a year.
This is branding at it's best and that is why calendar advertising is still used today.

Today, companies like make it quite easy to order calendars. Logos and
and slogans along with all kinds of information are easily imprinted on all styles of calendars from
wall calendars to desk calendars and magnetic and planners and date books.

The banking and money industries are very keen on calendars but so are pet sitting companies,
grocers, doctors, churches and even welders and plumbers.

Imagine your advertisement hanging on a wall as part of a calendar, right in your customer's face
every day of the year. This along with pen advertising is quite popular and the results from
calendar advertising are proven. The best part is that you are giving a little gift each year to
your customers, clients and friends. They appreciate the gift, which in turn is keeping you on
their minds. It's a win-win situation, since the calendars as gifts are appreciated and used
and looked forward to each year. Calendars keep your customers coming back again and again.

Art calendars, the type with photos, became popular in the 1880s and are still the most
popular style today. All kinds of calendar themes are available in bright, vibrant colors.
There are animals like dog calendars and horse calendars and there are even sailing calendars
and barn calendars and lighthouse calendars and the list goes on.

The calendars are already created each year and the customer (you) just needs to supply
the information being printed on the advertising portion of the calendar like name, address,
slogan and logo. does a very brisk calendar business in the fall of each year, which
is considered calendar season. From September through December, the most calendars
are ordered for the previous year.

The quality calendars may be
seen here, including wall calendars, desk top calendars,
memo calendars, planners, datebooks and magnetic calendars.

Calendar printing usually takes about a week and then they are delivered after that.